I hate slutty women. I hate people who get "wasted" partying at uni? Am i old fashioned or maturing? These imbeciles are in a loud stuffy club blowing money they can't afford to pay back. I"d rather do other things. Am I lame or oldfashioned? Help?


I feel so lead on. Don't take the mickey because I genuinely want advice. I feel like I tried to hard. She always made the feeling seem mutual but I could tell she wasn't interested. She didn't want to meet up or do stuff. I feel like crap man...help

You are the definition of a simp; you deserve everything that happend to you. You knew she wasn’t interested but you invested your emotions anyways.

You suck.

So the real question is what are you gonna do about it? How are you going to ensure that this never happens again?

we do everything a couple would do, he treats me as his girlfriend and says all of the right things. yet, he has never labelled us as "in a relationship". what does this mean?


A) you have no back bone

b) he gets to enjoy your company without being accountable to you

c) a pretty good deal for him

I don't need a woman to be happy. All they ever want is "what you can give them". Whether it be coffee, or paying for lunch, women (in relationships) are like leeches. They never like a man for who he is whether he is chivalry like me or athletic.


He's toxic. For me, emotionally. I don't know why I feel somewhat attached to him. I'm not really attached Harman. I'm hurt that he's an ass and he was an asshole to me. Yet then why do I not stop replying to his texts? Is it the shitty feeling of never being in a relationship? I deserve better Harman. He does it every time.

You have no one else to blame but yourself. Stop making excuses for his actions and start controlling yours.

Harkirat Singh

All well and good for people to be partaking in the IceBucket challenge for ALS but isn't it a waste of water? Third world countries are deprived of reliable water supplies and we're hear dropping it all over the ground like it's nothing? Well?