All smiles.

Hey Harman, the person I am with talks to girls on facebook on daily basis. I been with five years now i told him to stop 2 years ago. I don't understand I don't feel like flirting with anyone why doesn't he feel the same way? I care for him too much don't want us to break up I know he really cares about us too. Do you think he can change? Its getting too much pain being with someone whos not as loyal back. In every other way hes perfect for me its just this habit he can't stop.

Something(s) every individual should always be working on? Something's a 16 year old like me should be working on?

expand your networks, hang out with different types of people

build healthy habits early, eating clean and being active

you have your whole life to be glued to your phone - when you’re at an event or with family, leave your smart phone behind

dont try to grow up so quick, hold onto your innocence as long as you can

always ask questions, always question authority and do your own research when coming to form your opinion

don’t be afraid to get lost, because you’ll eventually find your way back..

I live in the solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.


So you're 31 next year and not married or in a stable job eh? Balleh sherah, mummy ji must be pleased.

no no Im turning 30 this october, and once I was able to buy mummy ji a brand new car through my current ‘unstable job’ I think she was more than pleased.