we miss you


It's my 21st birthday today and I'm spending the day studying, but i'm content because I'm listening to your podcasts and devouring a cupcake like a tiny dinosaur rawrrr

Happy birthday my young internet friend. Love

Hey, Harman. Usually I agree with your advice to readers, however I was uncomfortable with your recent cameo on JusReign's vlog commenting on Jennifer Lawrence's photo leak. While it is important to poke holes in our false sense of security regarding data and the internet, we must note that everyone's privacy is not equal in this sense. Women's bodies are assumed to be available for consumption both on and offline. So, ask yourselves whether iCloud is really the problem here.

You’re right.

I had some time to think about that, and although I was trying to make a point larger than just Jennifer Lawrence, it came off as victim blaming.  As someone else noticed, my commentary was also supporting rape culture. Which I obviously don’t, I hope my track record proves that.

I sounded pig headed when I said that.  So for that I apologize.